Michigan Health Connect (MHC) is Michigan’s largest, most trusted provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE) services, including Direct Messaging. MHC was founded in 2009 by health system leaders in Michigan and manages HIE services for over 90 hospitals and 1200+ offices by providing a wide-range of value-add solutions. MHC offers Direct clinical messaging solutions to providers and other healthcare stakeholders anywhere in Michigan, as their Health Information Service Provider (HISP). Join the growing network across the State. If you are interested in registering for Direct or other MHC solutions, contact us at: 877-269-7860 and ask for the Direct Representative.

Get a secure health domain address (similar to an email address) today to begin collaborating with peers. Registered providers will be able to use apps running in their office on Medicity's iNexx platform to exchange referrals and clinical documentation with any other provider registered with a HISP.
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For DCV contact hispdeployment@healthcatalyst.com>